Registration of Legal Entities in Belarus

MK Legal Tech Legal Services Company provides a full range of services for preparation of documents for business registration and reorganization. A complex approach makes possible to dispense a client from participating in the process and shift the responsibility to our professionals: ranging from documents preparation to the development of constitutive documents.

In the current economic realities the services most in-demand are:

  • Registration of Private Unitary Enterprise.
  • Registration of a Limited Liability Company.
  • Registration of an Additional Liability Company.
  • Registration of a Private Company.
  • Registration of other legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Our professionals will help you with selecting an appropriate legal form of an organization and taking the procedure in keeping with the rules of professional conduct.

Registration of Legal Entities in Minsk

Package of services for registration of legal entities in Minsk includes:

  • Approval of legal entity’s name during the registration of business entity.
  • Preparation of documentation package for further filing to the territory registration body.
  • Supporting of documents filing to the territory registration body during business registration.
  • Control over compliance with the terms of issue of the governmental registration’s certificate and the relevant documents.
  • Organization of printing production after the registration of a business entity.
  • Preparation of human resources documents.
  • Supporting of bank account in any bank in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Consulting choosing an optimal tax rate.

Documents for Registration of a Business Entity

The following documents should be submitted to registration body:

  • Application for the governmental registration of a commercial or non-commercial legal entity.
  • Memorandum or Articles of Association in duplicate and an electronic copy of the document (notarization is not required).
  • Documentary evidence of a foreign legal entity status: a legalized extract from the trade register of the country of origin or other equivalent proof of the legal status of the entity. The document should be translated into one of the official languages of the Republic of Belarus by a notarized translator for foreign companies.
  • Нотариально заверенная копия удостоверяющего личность учредителя документа.
  • Documentary evidence for payment of the state fees.

Depending on the type of legal entity (PUE, Ltd., Inc.) a list of documents required for registration can vary.

Some Aspects of the Registration of Legal Entities in the Republic of Belarus

While registering a legal entity in the Republic of Belarus the following should be mentioned:

  • Registration of a company is conducted at the territory registration body where it has its registered office only.
  • Its registered office is non-resident premises. There is an exception for PUE: resident premises can serve as registered offices, provided that the resident premises are possessed by property owners by approbation of property owner or owners.
  • Registration of Commercial Legal Entities requires an independent determination of the size of the authorized fund. The exceptions are CJSC and OJSC: the size of the authorized funds of these legal organizational forms must be at least 100 and 400 basic units, respectively.
  • A legal entity deemed to be registered since Memorandum is stamped by the registration body and an appropriate entry is made in USRLE.

Where you can order legal services for package of documents necessary for legal entity registration preparation

MK Legal Tech Legal Services Company provides services for package of documents necessary for legal entity registration preparation. The advantages of cooperation with the company include preparation of documentation efficiency (1 day), a comprehensive assessment of risks of the legal actions, rejection of one-size-fits-all approaches and competitive prices for all services. You can get in touch with a company representative and ask all the questions by using contact data listed on the website.

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